Indocin (Indomethacin)
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Product description: Indocin is in a group anti-inflammatory drugs that is used to treat pain or inflammation caused by many conditions.
Active Ingredient: Indomethacin
Indocin as known as: Indoxen, Chrono-indocid, Indo-ct, Itapredin, Indopal, Liometacen, Indosin gel, Flamecid, Arthrexin, Inderanic, Inmecin, Tendinyl, Indolan, Idomethine, Indoflam, Mikametan, Indo-paed, Indocollirio, Indometacina, Indacin, Indanet, Indomed, Metacen, Inderapollon, Indocolir, Metindol, Indometin, Sulon, Aliviosin, Indométacine, Indylon, Artrinovo, Rheumacin, Endol, Indo, Korifumecin, Proarisin, Agilex, Reumacide, Indomicin, Indocontin, Inteban, Inacid, Indobene, Catlep, Nu-indo, Vi-gel, Dolcispray, Inflacin, Intobutaz, Indom, Cevimin, Indophtal, Indomen, Indocid, Agilisin, Indome, Indosan, Moviflex, Vonum, Inmed, Indomelan, Indocine, Fiacin, Servimeta, Methacin, Rindocin, Intenacin, Meithocid, Hapstar id, Serastar, Cu algesic, Aldomet, Rheubalmin, Reumacid, Indonilo, Indorem, Klonametacina, Dolcidium, Infree, Reusin topico, Indomax, Indobiotic, Betacin, Methocaps, Indomet, Indolgina, Aconip, Infree s, Malival, Fortathrin, Pardelprin, Inmetan, Elmetacin, Indocollyre, Farcomethacin, Indolag, Indogesic, Indomin, Indovis, Indaflex, Laction, Tenporal, Dolovin, Reumacap, Flogoter, Indotard, Indometacinum, Havrix, Rothacin, Zempack, Idicin, Sportflex, Salodan, Indomelol, Indometacin, Intenurse, Asmo id, Intedaru, Confortid, Indotex, Bonidon, Indocap, Uniof, Innamit, Trap-on, Indonol, Luiflex

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