Flomax (Tamsulosin)
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Product description: Flomax is prescribed for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Active Ingredient: Tamsulosin
Flomax as known as: Controlpros, Vi-uril, Ranomax, Tamik, Palnac, Morvesin, Prostalitan, Harnal d, Mecir, Uroflo, Tamsublock, Lura, Masulin, Tamsulosina, Sebrane, Omnic, Restream, Sulix, Lostam, Tamictor, Tamlosin, Pradif, Prolosin, Expros, Harnalidge, Tamsu-q, Urosulol, Halonerol, Harnal, Tamsulosiinhydrokloridi, Ranlosin, Geroprostan, Tanyz, Totalprost, Tamipro, Halthrow, Taliz, Prostamnic, Omnic tocas, Bazetham, Harnal ocas, Omic, Tamsul, Cepalux, Tansiloprost, Provosal, Tamlic, Gotely, Comadex, Tamsulek, Tamsulosine, Urimax, Omsil, Hartam, Tamslon, Tamsumin, Tamsuprost, Aglandin retard, Contiflo, Urolosin, Omexel, Fokusin, Tamsunax, Prostall, Lannatam, Eupen, Tamsulo-isis, Prostacin, Omix, Botam, Flosin, Tamsec, Omnistad, Prostadil, Tamsulosinum, Tamurox, Tamsu, Tamsugen, Manfredol, Tamsulozin, Josir, Tamsudil, Alna retard, Tamsumedin, Maxrin, Omnexel, Damurgin, Tamsin, Omipro, Tamsulogen, Tamsulijn, Tabphyn, Tamnic, Aclosan, Harnnat, Symlosin sr, Proximic, Uprox, Tamsunar, Flomaxtra, Proslosin, Prostacure, Stronazon, Tadin, Tamzul, Taflosin, Prostam, Omsal, Tamsukon, Tamsuna, Urostad, Tamsol, Espontal, Secotex, Vetevel, Prostazid, Asoflon

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