Parlodel (Bromocriptine)
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Product description: Parlodel is a dopamine receptor agonist which is used to treat hyperprolactinemia, Parkinson's disease, hormonal growth disorder (acromegaly).
Active Ingredient: Bromocriptine
Parlodel as known as: Erenant, Brameston, Parukizone, Melen, Bromocorn, Bromocriptini mesilas, Prospeline, Bromocriptinmesilat, Bomoting, Umprel, Serocryptin, Deparo, Kripton, Grifocriptina, Kriptonal, Parlomin, Bromodel, Corpadel, Bagren, Upnol b, Pms-bromocriptine, Bromocriptinum, Criptine, Aprolac, Criten, Apo-bromocriptine, Bromed, Bromtine, Bromokriptin, Palolactin, Cripsa, Bromocriptina, Padoparine, Sicriptin, Prigost, Medocriptine, Cycloset, Gynodel, Parilac, Parloder, Lactafal, Bromergon, Pravidel, Ronalin, Bromo-kin, Ergoset, Lactismine, Kirim, Brocriptin

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